School History

A brief History of the Trust and School

Marwadi Sammelan is an ancient trust of Rajasthan’s representatives. It was habitual for the society to confine securely. Its broad spectrum was to spread literacy, to save and nurture customs, traditions and to provide financial help to common people. They believe in prettifying the literature of languages. From time- to -time they felicitate writers to assist in developing educational institutions from school to college level, library and reading rooms, hostel and medical facilities, evening school and weekly classes. The trust conventionalizes several committees in areas related – correlated to literature, debate and to organize different gathering on social welfare, lantern lectures and prose. It publishes different newsletters, magazines, useful books, resourceful information and articles. Deserving students are rewarded with scholarships, awards and shields. The trust helps during natural calamities by securing medical facilities, food clothing, shelter etc, to the needy. Above and beyond they launch NGO’s and social welfare societies for the progress of the society.

Keeping the tradition of social welfare Marwadi Sammelan has established an English medium, co-education school known as Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School at Kandivali (West) since June 2006.

The school was setup with the vision to impart quality education coupled with Education for Consciousness, bestowed with best facilities, a healthy and congenial environment, with a view to enrich all-round development i.e mental, physical, psychological, intellectual and social abilities of the students personality. The effort is made to impart knowledge to help them to unfold their potential, make them creative beings, ready for research and a quest for knowledge. The curriculum for school is designed with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The teaching learning process consists of motivation, interactive methods and brain storming sessions. More over parents are encouraged to take regular feedback of their ward throughout the year. The Management of the school believes in transparency and a positive way of interacting with parents. Marwadi Sammelan trust has completed Hundred years of journey with out getting exhausted and enduring their unpretentious services to society with the challenges coming on their way.