Teacher Enrichment program

Teacher Enrichment Program

We, Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School believes in grooming teachers time and again for the better growth of the Students and the institute. We ensure that our teachers’constantly advance with innovation in teaching techniques and keep side by side with the changes in the education system and the overall surroundings. At regular interlude, we conduct various orientations and training programme for our school teachers. The training are as follows:

  1. Cambridge International Examination (CIE) training programme:- Cambridge Professional Development conducts two types of training-
       o Face to Face training, which is held in different countries of the world and different cities of India where there is a good concentration & interaction of CIE schools. In face to face training, all the subject teachers along with school head and co-ordinator attached the training.
       o The online training facilities are provided by CIE, where teachers are enrolled to understand the new development and any change in the particular area.
  2. Mumbai International Schools Association (MISA) training:- MISA conducts various training for all CIE school teachers / coordinators and Examination officers. The cell meets are organized for IGCSE & AS, A Level teaches for discussing the issues and solution in their respective subjects. The purpose of the training is to meet the interactional standards.
  3. Primary & Secondary Section teachers participate in various worshop and trainings organized by school principal, co-ordinators and /examination officer.
  4. The school counselor conducts worshops to enhance the skills of teaching with innovation for all the section teachers.
  5. Teachers undergo training in the use of latest technology to ensure better & more effective teaching practices in the class rooms.

Orientation and Workshops for Parents

  1. School organizes the Orientation programmes for parents to brief in detail about the functioning of school system and the school rules and regulations.
  2. Workshops are conducted on “effective parents” by the school counselors.